Most Requested Presentations

Running on Empty: Understanding Compassion Fatigue in Caregivers
The Edge of Compassion: Staying well in high-stress and trauma-exposed environments
Working Well: Cultivating the Skill to Bounce Back
Overloaded: Strategies to Stay Healthy in a Stressful World

Some Recent Clients

Canadian Bar Association, Health and Wellness Conference – Ottawa, ON, 2019

Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario, Annual Conference – Toronto, ON, 2019

Children’s Advocacy Centers of North Carolina, 3rd Annual Symposium – Kitty Hawk, NC, 2019

National Children’s Advocacy Center, 35th International Symposium on Child Abuse – Huntsville, AL, 2019

Integral Care, Annual Conference – Austin, TX, 2019

Victims of Homicide, Western Canadian Conference – Edmonton, AB, 2019

Zebra Centre, CARA Conference – Edmonton, AB, 2019

Alberta Health Services, Pediatric Excellence And Knowledge Symposium – Calgary, AB, 2019

National Children’s Alliance, Leadership Conference – Washington, DC, 2019

Alberta Provincial Victim Services, Conference – Banff, AB, 2018

St Michael’s Hospital, Nursing Week Conference – Toronto, ON, 2018

Focus Accreditation, Learning Event – Toronto, ON,  2018

EDUCARE, Compassion Fatigue Symposium – Dallas TX, 2018

APCO Canada, Annual Conference – Montreal, QC, 2018

OEA Choice Trust, School Employee Wellness Conference – Bend, OR, 2018

Childrens’ Cove Champions for Children Conference – Cape Cod, MA, 2017